1. When should I call in my Fiesta Order?

Call for Details. (949) 589-0354

2. Do you deliver?

At this time we do not offer delivery services.

3. Should I pre- pay my fiesta order?

Yes, especially if you have ordered a 7-layer dip, and or
appetizer fiesta platter.

4. How do I order a gift card for someone?

Just give us a call and we will handle it over the phone. Then either
they or you can stop by and pick it up at the store. Or they can just come in
and use the balance towards whatever they buy.

5. Are there any preservatives added to the guacamole or salsa?

No, everything is natural and fresh.

6. I need full service catering. Do you provide it?

Celinda’s recommends Linda Kirby Catering, (949) 496-4851.
A caterer who features Celinda’s Mexican food exclusively.

7. What are your busiest holidays?

Cinco de Mayo, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s day, Graduations,
Halloween, Mother’s day. We advise that you make your order well in
advance. Please don t wait, you will be disappointed.

8. I’m missing a food item on my fiesta order what can you do?

You have the option for a credit or we will facilitate a drop off at
your location to the best of our ability.

9. Are your tortilla chips made everyday?

Yes, every chip we make will be sold within two days.

10. Can I purchase place settings? (plates, napkins, forks etc.)

Yes, we can provide you with disposable, plates, napkins, utensils and cups.

11. I’ve paid for my order can I send someone else to pick it up?

Yes, they will need the paid receipt and the Name on the order.

12. Can I purchase lettuce, cheese, chopped tomatoes in bulk?

Yes, call for pricing.

13. How many burritos does Celinda’s sell per year?

We estimate over 50,000.

14. Can you privide heating instructions if I pick up my Fiesta Order items cold?


15. Do You serve Huevos Rancheros all day?

No, Huevos Rancheros are served from 8:00 am to 10:30 am.

If you have any other questions please give us a call, we’d be happy to assist you.